Children’s Books

On top of his passion for music, Tim also has a gift for writing. The collections below are a few of the tales he’s written over the years. It’s his prayers that they provide encouragement, teaching moments and become a resource you can use to share biblical principles, morals and life lessons to young and young at heart alike.

If you would like a copy, Tim is using the books to raise money to offset costs the ministry and the award show incurs throughout the year. If you want to bless the ministry, donations can be sent to paypal at: or cashapp: $kindredministies

or if you just want to bless Tim: cash app: $TimothyJEwing or Venmo:

Please make sure to send as a friend/family.

Suggested donation $5 per digital copy of the book or $10 for a physical copy. If you want a physical copy, email Tim at with your address and which book(s) you would like a copy of. (Note the books are not officially published yet, so it would be a homemade printout in a protective binding.)

If you have an idea for a story or would like Tim to write a personal story for you, email him with the details and he would be glad to write it for you.

Thanks so much for your support

Listen to The World Changing Decision Of A Courageous Boy Named Max
By Timothy Ewing
Listen to The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Cow by Timothy Ewing
Listen to From Excuses to Excellence: How Lou Became the Smartest Kid
by Timothy Ewing
Listen to Tech Troubles & Outdoor Wonders: A Tale of Finding Fun! by Timothy Ewing
Listen to The Garden of Virtues by Timothy Ewing
Listen to The Tiny Little Seed With A Great Big Heart by Timothy Ewing
Listen to Lucy and Her Beautiful Spots by Timothy Ewing
Listen to The Aventures of Charlie The Chipmunk by Timothy Ewing