CD Reviews

Over the years, I have been asked or felt inclined to sit down and give my honest thoughts and opinions of albums that have been released. As you read these reviews you may or may not agree with what I say. It’s my hopes that it will introduce you to different styles, artists and people who I think are/were doing some amazing and creative things musically and lyrically in the music world. If you have a CD that you’d like me to review, feel free to email me at Happy reading and listening!

Blessings, Tim

Ps. All the reviews are archived here. I have listed all the current reviews I’ve done below the link.

  • Matt Wheeler: A Hard History of Love CD
  • JJ Beauvais: Genuine Melodies CD
  • John’s Crossing: Signs of the Son CD
  • Ian Foster: Nightmares & Daydreams CD
  • Dawson Coyle: Battle Cry CD
  • Silent Culture: Behind These Walls CD
  • Brandon “Poynt Blank” McKenzie: Poynt of No Return CD
  • Renatah Henderson: The Broken Ones CD
  • 3 Way Stop Band: Highway of Grace EP
  • Above The Fall: Rise and Fall EP
  • Against The Slate: We Are One EP
  • Never Forsaken: The Journey Here CD
  • August Burns Red: Sleddin Hill CD
  • Noel McLeary:  Self Titled EP & Can’t Escape Your Love EP
  • Dave Pettigrew: Solo Vol 1 & 2 CD
  • Bride Dressed In Black: Battle The Beast CD
  • Joe Antonelli: Walk By Faith CD
  • Dez Childs: Heart Cry CD
  • 3 Shades of Blue – Love Will Sing Out EP & Colors EP
  • Coastalrise: Call of the Sea CD
  • Awaking Mercury: If It’s Maria EP
  • Full Armor: None The Same CD
  • Eddy Mann: Who We Are CD